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No kidding. Fans want to see Tom Holland, star of “SpiderMan,” in more movies.

Even though “Uncharted” has pretty awful reviews, Peter Parker fans came out to see it last night.

Total last night was $3.7 million. That’s very big, on the order of the recent “Scream.” It’s based on a video game, and described to me as a “throwaway” movie. Mark Wahlberg co-stars but it’s Holland who’s the main attraction. “Spider Man” itself made $575,000 last night as it begins its drain out. The “Spider Man” total is now a whopping $763 million.

“Uncharted” is at 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. And that may be kind.  Owen Gleiberman in Variety wrote:” Watchable in a thin “Raiders of the Lost National Treasure of the Fast & Furious Caribbean” way.”

I’ll wait to see it on an airplane!

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