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“Yellowstone” fans are chomping at the bit for more of the hit horse opera

But season 5 is a little delayed and now we know what Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner are planning.

Season 5, which will go into production in May, will be broken into two parts. There will be seven episodes in each of these mini-seasons.

The first part will shoot from May through July. Then Costner goes off to make his movie, “Horizon,” set during the Civil War.

When Costner goes beyond the blue “Horizon,” they can finish up “Yellowstone” Season 5. Of course, it’s possible the “Yellowstone” shoot will just forge ahead through the summer and work Costner in as needed, or when he’s available.

But one day next winter we’ll have the beginning of a super sized “Yellowstone.”

These new mini-seasons are all the rage these days. “Billions” is finishing up the first part of their season now, with more to come. Ditto “Ozark.” The main reason is, they can get some episodes out to the fans right away, and then finish up with the first airing on platforms. This at least whets the audience’s appetite.

“Yellowstone” remains a massive hit for Paramount Television. The season 4 DVDs are at the top of the home viewing home charts.

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