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There is a way home, after all.

“Spider Man: No Way Home” is now a million dollars away from becoming the third biggest box office movie of all time. Sometime this week, Peter Parker and pals will reach $760 million and jump ahead of “Avatar” to rest comfortably in the vaunted slot.

The big moment should come Thursday, if not before.

And that will be where it stops because movie number 2, “Avengers End Game” is at $858 million.

But what a run for Jon Watts’ spectacular blockbuster of a comic book movie. Who’d have guessed it?

“No Way Home” is also Sony Pictures’ biggest hit ever in its history. The next highest Sony Pictures films on the all time list are “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” at number 36 and the original “Spider Man” from 2002 at number 37.

The enormous success of “No Way Home” is really a massive vindication and triumph for producer Amy Pascal, who reinvented the franchise after being eased out of her position as head of the studio. Her exit was a little messy, what with the Sony Wikipedia hack, but she took it in stride and rallied like no one before. Bravo to her!



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