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Kanye West is off his meds and off his rocker. It’s legitimately a sad story because it happens about once a year when Ye, who suffers from bipolar disorder, completely loses it and unleashes his unedited self on social media.

In this new episode, Kanye has been attacking his ex, Kim Kardashian, her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, and anyone who Pete likes which means Hillary Clinton. Kanye claimed Jeff Bezos “bought the Wall Street Journal” (he didn’t, he owns the Washington Post) and called Hillary Clinton “trash” because Davidson had gotten a tattoo of her on his arm.

Kanye’s posts have been so crazy that he put up a photo of himself holding a legal pad that reads: “No my account has not been hacked” with today’s date.

It was only two days ago that Kanye appeared at the end of the screening of his Netflix documentary and made outrageous claims about Apple Music offering him $100 million to put his “Donda” album on their service. (I’m assured that this is a total fantasy. And of course, “Donda,” with no advance, is simply on iTunes earning him the regular fees per play.)

Kanye has been dating Julia Fox (actress? model? I’m not sure what she is) and posting pictures of PDA wherever he can. But in his manic or depressed state he wants Kim back and says so in other posts Davidson, who is 16 years and a whole generation younger than Kanye, is trying to deal with the craziness. (Davidson knows a thing or two about all this since on “SNL” he’s declared that he deals with mental illness himself.)

Davidson posted a message to Kanye that Ye himself reposted about Kanye’s kids with Kim saying he hoped to meet them one day (it’s a little surprising that he hasn’t already). Kanye’s response on Instagram: “You will never meet my children.”

Meantime, Kanye has also been posting memes supplied by fans, of fake movie posters showing him vs. Kardashian and Davidson. He’s tried to include “SNL” player Michael Che in this fracas, but Che responded on Instagram with his first and ever post to the site: “Sorry, Ye, But I would never betray my friends.”

So this will just go on and on now until someone shuts Kanye down. If Russian invades Ukraine, he may take it personally. If the Rams lose to the Bengals, who knows what will happen? You have to feel sorry for those kids, who are now getting older and starting to grasp what’s going on here.

By the way, “Donda 2” is supposedly being released on 2-22-22. But who knows? It took most of last summer to get “Donda 1” out. And we still don’t know how that was accomplished, who took charge or organized it. DefJam allegedly just issued the album at one point because they couldn’t wait any more.




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