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Francis Ford Coppola is the director of the best films of our lifetime, “The Godfather” and “The Godfather 2.” Fight me on this, I dare you;

Now Coppola will be celebrated Oscar weekend by  The ICG Publicists (International Cinematographers GuildIATSE Local 600) March 25th at the Beverly Hilton.

This is a big deal for the Guild, and I am so happy about it. Coppola’s influence on filmmaking since 1972 is monumental. It’s not only The Godfather movies, but “Apocalypse Now,” “The Conversation,” “Rumble Fish,” and “Peggy Sue Got Married,” among others. Coppola also took huge chances, as with “One from the Heart,” which was panned at the time but has been imitated over and over. It was ahead of its time.

Coppola is also a trailblazer with his Zoetrope Films, one of the first independent companies of the post 1970 era. He’s risked a lot to make films his own way.

“Francis Ford Coppola has impacted nearly every facet of motion picture storytelling–from script to direction, from craft to tech—and it’s our honor to celebrate him on the fiftieth anniversary of The Godfather’s releaseWith that masterpiece, as with his entire body of work, Coppola has continuously recharged American movies and changed popular culture in ways that have stood the test of time,” said John Lindley, ICG National President.

So many congrats! We’ll raise a glass to him on March 25th, maybe of his own wine!



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