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Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci” was the highest earning movie of the ‘quality’ films this season.

But it struck out with the Oscars. No nominations for Best Picture, Director, Actress, supporting roles, screenplay, etc.

What happened? Lady Gaga and Jared Leto campaigned like crazy and seemed poised to join the finalists.

But “House of Gucci” is not a good movie, and the Academy voters got that. Very interesting.

Gaga was excellent, but the whole movie was over the top. As a friend of mine said at our press screening, “Everyone is dialed to 11.”

In the end, “House of Gucci” came off like a Ryan Murphy FX series, like “Feud.” It was garish and artless. It was fun, but we learn that in the higher echelons of the Oscars, fun is not enough to put a movie over.

Still, “House of Gucci” can rest on its box office laurels. And it will always be popular. Years from now, people will watch it and love it. It wins the Oscar for tenacity.


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