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SUNDAY UPDATE: “Moonfall” total $10.5 million, “Jackass Forever” made jackasses of us all with $23 million. “Spider Man: No Way Home” now bearing down on number 3 all time box office record. Will happen next week.


SATURDAY Imagine Adele singing”it’s the moonfall, the moonfall!”

Well, the sky fell last night when “Moonfall,” the Roland Emmerich sci-fi space opera, took in just $2.7 million. Adding Thursday previews the opening total is $3.4 million. This movie cost at least $150 million.

To the moon, Alice!

Contrast that with $8 mil Friday for “Jackass Forever,” a movie made by jackasses for jackasses. And everyone seems to like it. Total for the opening is $9.6 million. So the producers are themselves no jackasses.

Here’s my one Johnny Knoxville anecdote: I was coming down on the elevator at the Soho Grand hotel, mid 2000s. Doors opened and Johnny Knoxville gets on. He’s not really dressed for public consumption. And he’s holding a big wad of sheets in his hands. We get down to the lobby, doors open, he runs out in front of me through the hotel doors and out into the street. I thought he was headed for a limo, but instead he turned and ran up West Broadway into the night.

Did he kill someone? Was that the evidence? Was there a body part in the sheets and he was trying to get rid of it? One thing’s for sure, there were no cameras around. It wasn’t a stunt for his TV show. If anyone has a clue, give me a holler at showbiz411@gmail.com

Maybe it was millions of box office dollars.

Anyway, “Moonfall” is a bust. It won’t make $10 mil for the weekend. The sky is really falling.


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