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And just like that, “Sex and the City” the reboot no one wanted has ended its first season with rancor.

In interviews with Variety and Deadline, showrunner Michael Patrick King and star Sarah Jessica Parker have dissed former cast members Kim Cattrall and John Corbett pretty thoroughly.

They now say that Cattrall was never considered for the series and will never be asked in the future. They also say that Corbett– who led press to believe he’d be in the new series– was never asked to return.

No one knows what the ratings or viewership were for this series because HBO Max is a streamer and not monitored publicly. But it’s likely the show will return since it’s a WarnerMedia brand, it may have had more viewers than a CNN show, and all the relevant parties seem to have agreed on this already.

But does anyone want more of Sara Ramirez’s Che? Or Miranda, a successful attorney in New York not knowing what a “TV pilot” is? Or Carrie texting a phantom Samantha who we know we’ll never see? Also, they’ve sent poor Willie Garson’s Stanford to Japan forever without mentioning him again?

Also, these episodes portrayed people at age 55 like they were 75. I’m over 55 and I felt like they were my elders. Their medical problems, and constant complaining, their inability to have adult thoughts, their lack of interest in anything cultural in New York, and the annoying woke-ness whether it was language or current cultural obliviousness. I’m surprised none of them said, “Back before we had these dang phones…”

PS Aside from Mr. Big having a much older brother (James Naughton is nine years older than Chris Noth). none of the main SATC women has any family whatsoever. Parents, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews. Is this possible? Are they all dead or estranged? Is that why they’re all friends?


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