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“Moonfall” made landfall last night.

The $150 mil sci-fi epic had a bad night: just $700,000 in 2,300 locations. The morbidly curious were the ticket buyers.

“Moonfall” will probably be a massive write off for Lions Gate. They expected it, believe me. They’ll be fine.

But for director Roland Emmerich, stars Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Michael Pena it’s a space disaster.

For perspective, the latest “Jackass” movie made $1.65 million in previews– more than double “Moonfall.” But “Jackass” is made by idiots for idiots. “Moonfall” was supposed to be smart.

I’ve never seen reviews quite like the ones for “Moonfall.” The Emmerich film has 42 on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the “fresh” reviews mention that the movie is terrible but a lot of fun its awfulness. The Rotten Tomatoes editors themselves wrote under “Critics Consensus”: “Whether Moonfall is so bad it’s good or simply bad will depend on your tolerance for B-movie cheese — but either way, this is an Emmerich disaster thriller through and through.”

But you know, if you’ve seen “Spider Man” a few times and would like to see something new, “Moonfall” might be for you!


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