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Denzel Washington has two Academy Awards and six more nominations. But he has never received one nomination from the British Academy.

He has not a single nomination from BAFTA. Not one. And yesterday he didn’t receive one again, this time for his Oscar worthy turn as the main character in “Macbeth.” Trust me, on Tuesday morning Denzel will be nominated for an Oscar again and there’s a good chance he will win.

But no BAFTA.

Luckily, he doesn’t hold everyone in the UK to blame for this insane oversight. In today’s Daily Mail, Washington speaks to London’s number 1 columnist, Baz Bamigboye. He tells Baz that he plans on starring in another Shakespeare play, “King Lear,” as soon as possible.

Denzel tells Baz: “That’s the good stuff. These are great parts — and the greatest challenge.” He said that playing the ageing, troubled king was “absolutely something I want to do.”

And that means a film, too. Denzel doesn’t say this, but I’m sure he would invite Viola Davis to play Lear’s daughter, Goneril. After all, she won an Oscar and a Tony under his direction in “Fences.”

In the meantime, Washington will next film the third “The Equalizer” movie, plus he’s got more August Wilson plays to film like “The Piano Lesson.”

Great interview, and terrific scoop!


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