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Not a surprise, but “Yellowstone” will get a fifth season.

The ratings giant has been renewed by Paramount TV just in time. Star Kevin Costner just announced he’s shooting a movie called “Horizon” beginning in late August. This is Costner’s big comeback as a film director and movie star, and he’s basing it on the popularity of “Yellowstone.”

Pre-production on “Horizon” will in full sway when “Yellowstone” starts shooting again. The TV series will have to be right on time to make Costner’s “Horizon” start date. Right now “Horizon” is listed as independent film. But it wouldn’t be a shock if Paramount got involved.

For season 5, guest stars Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly have been upped to regular status. Landon is the daughter of late great “Bonanza” actor Michael Landon. She was a big hit in her late teens on “As the World Turns,” so it’s a nice moment for her to be be on unarguably TV’s biggest series.



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