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The 10th and final episode of “And Just Like That,” the HBO Max series extension of “Sex and the City,” is actually not unpleasant. It took 10 tries and a fictional year to get an episode that wasn’t cringe worthy or unhappy.

Kim Cattrall does not appear in the show, although Samantha Jones is mentioned. Carrie texts her in London, and there’s a thawing of their relationship. If you’re into fantasies, then this is for you.

The big news is Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, colors her hair. She restores it from the old lady grey she’s been saddled with all season. Not that grey is bad, but they went the extra mile to make her look old.

The central plot of this episode is a “They Mitzvah” for Charlotte and Harry’s transitional daughter, Rock. This includes a non binary rabbi. Kristin Davis and Evan Handler could be spun off into their own show and I wouldn’t mind. They are the most enjoyable part of the show.

No one is naked, there’s no sex act, everyone can relax. Mr. Big’s voice is heard as a whisper in Carrie’s mind. Carrie does go to Paris and, dressed like someone who dropped acid during a haute couture moment, revisits their old haunts. I mean, really, even in Paris, if you saw a woman dressed like this standing on a bridge at night, you’d called the gendarmes.

Will “And Just Like That” return? I think so. It ends on a high note this time, so there’s hope for the future.

The last episode drops on Thursday.

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