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The numbers are in for last week’s pop charts.

Adele is suffering from the bad publicity of her cancelled Weekends with Adele in Las Vegas.

The star’s “30” album sold just 37,000 copies, and dropped another 15% in its 8th week of release. The “30” album is a pale reminder of the singer’s “25” album in 2015. C’est la vie. Cancelling 16 shows, offering no refunds, that didn’t help. These are the lowest numbers yet for “30.”

“30” dropped to number 6 on hitsdailydouble.com’s chart and fell to about number 10 on iTunes. On Amazon, it’s still number 1, which makes little to no sense since “30” was outsold in CDs and vinyl last week by the “Encanto” soundtrack and country singer Walker Hayes.

“Encanto” was actually up by 9% last week, selling 115,00o copies total.

Other news: Meat Loaf sold over 50,000 albums last week after he died from being a COVID anti-vaxxer, What a disaster. And Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors sold another 15,900. It’s 2022, Fleetwood Mac and Meat Loaf are on the album charts. Who’d a thunk it?


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