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Katy Perry had her “Spinal Tap” moment last night on “Saturday Night Live.”

Dressed as a mushroom, Katy danced among what many on social media described as scrotums. These also dancing objects carried signs that read “Eat Me.” Okay. Katy is trying to maybe reclaim her music career after years of coasting on “American Idol” as a judge. Did this do the trick? The single, “When I’m Gone,” zoomed up the iTunes chart to number…47.

How did this happen? Last night marked the third show in a row with director Don Roy King. King quietly retired at the end of 2021 after 15 seasons. His last show was that sadly bizarre COVID unplugged thing with Paul Rudd and Tom Hanks. King won 11 Emmy Awards over his stay at “SNL” but no said goodbye to him.

“SNL” was a desultory affair last night? How many dog shows can you do in one season? And the constant sketches about masturbation, ED, and penis size are just supremely lazy. Why was there no Dionne Warwick talk show? No mention of Kenan as the name of the big storm? No Mikey Day as Djokovic? No Tom Brady retirement announcement?

And Willem Dafoe? Not one nod to one of his movies? Just the sketch where the woman kept guessing the wrong titles? Not even a Spider Man send up?

Well, no “SNL” again until February 26th when John Mulaney returns for the fifth time as host. He will discuss his drug intervention, affair, divorce, and new child with an uncomfortable crowd. He will also be the umpteenth alumna to host the show this season because it’s so hard to get big stars during COVID.

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