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Was there a box office last night?

Looking at the snow right now, you’d think, No way. But actually some people didn’t care about the approaching blizzard. They don’t care about COVID, either, so snow? That’s nothing!

Both “Spider Man” and “Scream” made $2 million last night. The former actually raked in another $2.750 million. Hah! Bitter cold? Who cares when you can see the same movie for the 19th time!

Everything else was kind of meh, with the total box office for the top 11 movies coming in at just under $8 million.

Tonight will be a disaster unless there’s someone who really needs to see “Spider Man” again and has good chains for their tires.

“SNL” is new later with Willem Dafoe and Katy Perry. They can’t not do a sketch about the blizzard being called “Kenan” can they? The funny part is that in Connecticut the same storm is called “Bobby” because it sounds whiter. LOL. You can’t make this stuff up!

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