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Now that Joni Mitchell has thrown in with Neil Young, the question is: who’s next?

Which legacy rockers will join Neil and Joni and remove their music from Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan.

Rogan, an anti-vaxxer who’s tested positive for COVID, continues to disseminate misinformation on his Spotify radio show/podcast. He’s paid millions by the streamer to do it, and they don’t censor him in any way.

Pulling music off Spotify isn’t easy, especially when many artists have sold their rights to corporations for big payouts. Neil and Joni each control their own catalogues.

But who will join them? Jackson Browne? Bonnie Raitt? David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash? Bruce Springsteen? Paul Simon? Stevie Wonder? Bob Dylan? All of these people are very principled and have stood up for causes in the past like No Nukes. But this means taking a hit in the pocketbook. Not a big hit, because legacy artists do not have big streaming numbers. But if more join the cause, Spotify will have a huge PR headache. They’ve already seen their stock price fall by $20 since the beginning of the week.

Stay tuned…

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