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First: “Sex and the City: And Just Like That” will likely be renewed any day now. It’s mindless enough, has the franchise name, and Michael Patrick King has set up enough new stories that they can do 10 more of these things without too much trouble.

Second: Today, episode 9 of the first 10 drops to the ground like a watermelon from David Letterman’s old window. It seemed like Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) had a drinking problem. She drank like a fish, everywhere, even stopped into Smith’s seedy Bar on Eighth Avenue for a morning drink. But that has all evaporated now. What could have been an Emmy winning storyline for Nixon has just frittered away. Instead, Miranda has dumped her husband for Che, so all her problems are so yesterday.

I may be one of the few people who can’t stand Che. It’s just too much of her. And too much of the relationship at the expense of Miranda’s marriage to Steve. Nixon is such a fine actress, I can watch her do anything. But the whole thing has felt forced.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has the best stories thanks to her daughters and her own navigating new friends who happen to be Black. Nicole Ari Parker and Chris Jackson are killing it as the Wexleys. I so want to see more of them. I want Paula Patton to play Lisa’s sister. I want the Wexleys to get their own show.

I also love Nya (Karen Pittman) and her husband is played by Shy Baldwin from “Mrs, Maisel,” the one and only Leroy McClain. But introducing two couples makes the chances for “Sex and the City” to be a little dull, no? As for Sarita Choudhury as the realtor, the jury is still out. She’s terrific, but the character so far has been there to prop up the fourth leg of the table with Kim Cattrall gone. But all of these new characters are so well drawn, they could literally move to their own series.

Carrie: is a mess. They’ve made her a rich widow. I have no idea what she does (the podcast is idiotic) in the New York literary world. She used to be a striver, a freelance writer who needed money and was navigating life in the city as a single girl. Now she’s “the white girl who writes checks.” Yikes. Take the money away from her, it’s holding her back as a character. And bring back Brenda Vaccaro!

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