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Steven Spielberg was just nominated for a DGA Award.

The first time the 76 year old was nominated for a DGA Award was 1976, for “Jaws.” He is now the first director to be nominated for the DGA in six consecutive decades.

His first win was in 1986 for “The Color Purple.” He won again in 1994 for “Schindler’s List,” again in 1999 for “Saving Private Ryan.” This is his 13th total nomination. His last one was in 2013 for “Lincoln.”

Rarely has a movie been as mishandled as “West Side Story.” But this nomination is a good sign. I really felt that “WSS” was the movie of the year. It missed a SAG Ensemble nom, and has been overlooked in some other areas. But now it looks like the Academy will come through. “WSS” and “Belfast” are the top choices for Best Picture.

Bravo, Steven Spielberg! What a career! And it’s far from from ending.

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