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Kid Rock’s “We the People” Attacks Mainstream Media, Fauci: Carson Daly Once Called Him His “Best Friend”


Kid Rock– aka Bob Richie– is one cynical guy. He’s come up with an ultimate right wing song to make money off of unsuspecting freaks and rednecks. He’s gamed the download up to number 1 on iTunes, but that’s just from clicking over and over.

In “We the People,” Richie attacks mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, and says a “whole generation is mentally ill” from what? Wearing masks?

The reality is that Richie, who affects a hillbilly renegade right wing stance, is wealthy, moderate, and a liar. Carson Daly once looked me straight in the eye and said, “Kid Rock? He’s my best friend.”

I have no doubt that Richie, who lives in a $2 million Detroit mansion that sprawls over 6,000 square feet, is triple vaxxed. So is everyone in his household. I would bet that everyone wears masks around him. “We the People” with its idiotic lyrics, is a quick cash in, very Trumpian, to take money from his poor, uneducated followers. It’s a hoax.

Kid Rock was Richie Rich when he was growing up. His father owned multiple Chevy car dealerships in the Detroit area. His family, according to reports, also owned a six-acre orchard and Robert regularly helped pick apples and cared for the family’s horses. Here’s a picture of his childhood home. If you give him a penny, you’ve been had.

I’ve met Richie, by the way. He is soft spoken and polite. He once sang at a tribute to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun at Tavern on the Green and he was respectful and actually tuneful. You could tell the whole Kid Rock thing was his act. Don’t believe a word of it now. He’s pandering.




“We The People”

We the people in all we do
Reserve the right to scream “Fuck you”
(Hey-yeah) ow
(Hey-yeah) huh
“Wear your mask, take your pills”
Now a whole generation’s mentally ill
(Hey-yeah) man, fuck Fauci
(Hey-yeah)But COVID’s near, it’s coming to town
We gotta act quick, shut our borders down
Joe Biden does, the media embraces
Big Don does it and they call him racist

We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people

Fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter too
And the mainstream media, fuck you too, too, too
(Woo) yeah, you

We the people (ooh, yeah)
We the people

Inflation’s up, like the minimum wage
So it’s all the same, it ain’t a damn thing changed
You piece of shit, I don’t see color
“Black lives matter”, no shit motherfucker

But we gotta keep fighting for the right to be free
And every human being doesn’t have to agree
We all bleed red, brother, listen to me
It’s time for love and unity

We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people

Fuck CNN, fuck TMZ
And you social media trolls, y’all can suck on deez (deez)
Deez nuts, that’s what’s up

We the people (ha-ha)

If you down with love and wanna make things better
All we gotta do is just come together
Weather the storm, and take my hand
Then follow my lead to the promised land
‘Cause we the people, we gotta unite
To follow that good time guiding light
Climb aboard this love boat
And rock that bitch up and down the coast

In order to form a more perfect union
Do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America

We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people (ooh, let’s go Brandon)
We the people

Standing up, and standing tall
‘Cause it’s all for one and it’s one for all
All, all, all
We the people (ooh)
We the people

Let’s go Brandon
Let’s go Brandon
Let’s go Brandon
Let’s go Brandon

Roger Friedman
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