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The end is near for Richard Wheatley. Color us all grateful.

Dylan McDermott, who plays Wheatley on “Law & Order: Organized Crime” on NBC, is moving to a new Dick Wolf show on a different network.

Deadline.com reports that McDermott will succeed departing star Julian McMahon on “FBI Most Wanted.” McMahon announced that he’s leaving the show in April after three seasons. No one knows if he was written out or actually resigned but the former is more likely than the latter.

Wheatley’s storyline must come to an end on “Organized Crime” and the show starring Chris Meloni needs to be retooled if it’s going to be renewed. They need to make it a “Law & Order” show with Meloni leading a group of detectives investigating different mobs, and some government lawyers who are prosecuting them. This endless story of Stabler avenging his wife’s death has proved to a dead end.

So we can assume Wheatley (whose real name is, lol, Sinatra) will be killed off, by Stabler presumably, or one of his kids, and his entire retinue will be gone. Maybe then “OC” will become enjoyable entertainment instead of punishment.


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