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On “Jeopardy” tonight, a record.

Amy Schneider beat Matt Amodio’s 38-game streak, becoming the contestant with the second highest number of consecutive wins in the show’s history.

Schneider has a long way to go to beat Ken Jennings’s 74-game streak from 2004, which remains the longest in history. Jennings is also host of the show currently, which would be an irony of ironies.

For now, though, Schneider’s run is driving “Jeopardy!” ratings. She is the Tom Brady of “Jeopardy!” that’s for sure. The other contestants sort of stare at her in disbelief.

How long can this on for? So far Schneider has earned a total of $1,319,800. Schneider wasn’t so smart on tonight’s show, however. She bet $25,000 on Final Jeopardy and lost. The answer was the Field Museum in Chicago. She didn’t get it. But she still picked up $12,700 today.



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