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Adele fans who bought tickets to her 13 week run Vegas run on Stub Hub are pretty much sunk for now.

It’s not exactly Stub Huh’s fault. It’s unclear when they knew she was going to throw in the towel. But I’ve talked to their people and this is what they have to say:

Adele didn’t cancel, she postponed. The wording — through tears — was very specific. The shows are supposed to be re-scheduled.

Until that happens, holders of tickets bought on Stub Hub can’t do anything. They can’t re-sell. They can’t get refunds.

This includes everyone who spent thousands and thousands of dollars– maybe up to $40,000 a ticket.

When the announcement comes, Stub Hub will give the new dates and re-assign the tickets. If purchases can’t make it on those dates, they’ll be allowed to re-sell the tickets to others. Stub Hub will waive all fees then.

But there are no refunds because Adele “rescheduled.” Ouch.

If you were one of those people who forked over thousands of bucks for one of these shows, there’s nothing you can do for now.

This doesn’t include cancelled flights and hotel reservations. Stub Hub has nothing to do with that.

Why didn’t Adele just postpone by two weeks? Why did she kill the whole run? What “deliveries” couldn’t be made? Why couldn’t COVID infected or exposed musicians be replaced by well ones? Las Vegas is teeming with perfectly good musicians ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Those are just some of the questions we are all asking. Answers may not be forthcoming so quickly.

Some fans will be rolling in deep debt after this.

PS A little update: Stub Hub says they found out about the cancellation when everyone else did.

I really miss THIS Adele. (Not the weight,just the great songs and no mishegos)

You could say, now a lot of people will be “Chasing Payments” LOL

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