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Tom Cruise is on the move again.

Paramount is moving “Mission Impossible 7” to June 2023 and “Mission Impossible 8” to July 2024.

Both movies have been moved more times than chess pieces on “Queen’s Gambit.”

Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” will presumably come on schedule this May.

What’s keeping these “Mission Impossible” movies? By now they’d have had plenty of time to get things right. But Cruise is a perfectionist and Paramount needs these films to be just right. And number 8 depends on number 7, especially, to be off the charts.

All three movies have postponed many times. There’s been talk that “Maverick” was taken over by Cruise and “MI” writer-director Christopher McQuarrie when they didn’t like what they saw. But the May date has held so far. And Lady Gaga is waiting for us to hear her song already.

So no Ethan Hunt for Christmas 2022.

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