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“The Conners” may not be back for a fifth and final season. This could be it, if ABC has something in the pipeline to replace it.

Last night’s episode fell again under 3 million viewers, to 2.87 million.

If the show didn’t feature such an all star cast it might have been cancelled already. As it is, those actors are expensive. which might make continuing next fall difficult.

Joe Walsh of the Eagles was the guest star last night. He’s not an actor but he pulled off his part with aplomb. He must have done it as a favor to John Goodman. I’m putting up his first clip, but I’m hoping to one from the end of the show where Joe and John jammed on a blues number. It was the highlight of the show.

I don’t know what’s happened to Laurie Metcalf. She’s an amazing, Tony winning actress. They write Jackie now like she’s mentally handicapped. It’s really a shame. And last night there was no explanation for the absence of Dan’s new wife, Louise (Katey Sagal). Sagal was seen on crutches in November after being hit by a car. Couldn’t the writers have just said, Louise is visiting her aunt in Michigan, or something?

The whole night was a ratings disaster for ABC. “The Wonder Years” is very watchable, but no one’s watching it. “The Goldbergs” are done since they ousted Jeff Garlin. It’s sad watching them circle the drain.

and Joe Walsh if you’re not sure who he is. I really love him:

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