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Adele has scuttled 13 weeks in a row of shows in Las Vegas at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace.

She says the show is off because “I ain’t ready” and that COVID has taken half her crew.

It sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? We don’t want anyone to be sick. But 20 shows are playing on Broadway, all with full orchestras.

There are many other shows in Vegas right now. Somehow, they’re carrying on.

Adele’s show is no Guns n Roses, or Metallica. It’s her, singing on a stage, with an orchestra. It’s pretty simple. The fans are coming to hear her voice, and her wisecracks. Las Vegas is full of talented musicians. If one is sick, there are replacements.

Even if COVID knocked everyone out for 2 weeks, what about the other 11? Why are they scrapped too? Couldn’t the first two weeks have been refunded?

Ironically, Caesar’s Palace has only act booked in February: Van Morrison, who doesn’t care if you’re vaxxed or not. He sings, It’s a marvelous night for the ER.

There’s more to Adele’s story. Keep refreshing…


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