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HBO MaXXX: “Sex and the City” Goes Full Frontal for No Reason, Miranda Throws Steve Under a Bus


So here we are at Episode 8.

And just like that, Carrie gets to see her neighbor’s dangling participle. There’s no reason for it, but when she brings her beautiful young downstairs tenant some brownies a male model type opens the door in a towel. And just like that, he drops it.

I was thinking if Samantha had been in the scene, she’d have put this scene to good use. She might have punctuated that participle. But Carrie just hands over the brownies and gets out of Dodge.

This is example 3,000 of “all the fun is gone” from “Sex and the City.”

I don’t consider this a spoiler because it’s of no consequence to anything. It’s immaterial. At lunch in the next scene, Samantha would have said, “Was it Mister Big?” Or something salacious like that. But no one says anything salacious in this series. Or laughs.

The other big news is that Miranda finally fills her husband, Steve (David Eigenberg, made to do things no one should have to), in on her quest for a divorce and that she’s seeing a woman (Sara Ramirez), the completely annoying Che. (This character is getting a lot of screen time and attention.)

I’ve been reading various appraisals of the Steve situation on other sites. I agree, he is treated in this scenario like a non-entity, as if he were either completely negligible or invisible. I think he owns a bar somewhere. Yet he’s always home at dinner time. (Maybe it’s a lunch bar.) He never goes anywhere, and neither does Miranda. They’re a well fixed couple in Brooklyn who own a townhouse. They never go to the movies, theater, openings, dinner parties. (This is all suspending the pandemic which doesn’t exist in this series.)

How is this possible? They also have zero conversations about their 17 year old son (played by a 27 year old) who looks nothing remotely like Steve (maybe he should be questioning that part of it). I’ll do an update here once viewers get to see Steve’s reaction to Miranda’s news. Suffice to say, Steve is just collateral damage.

The realtor is still hanging around, although it’s unclear why. Charlotte’s black couple friends, and Miranda’s black teacher have disappeared. So has Brenda Vaccaro as Mr. Big’s secretary. I really thought there would be some mystery to come out of Big’s death, that Brenda would help Carrie uncover it, that there would be a plot of some kind that would tie this 10 episode arc. Vaccaro at least brought some wry wit to this enterprise.

And on we lumber toward the end. Three episodes to go.



Roger Friedman
Roger Friedman
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