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Adele hits Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas this weekend and there will be plenty of publicity. But her first two shows still have plenty of pricey tickets available according to resale site Via Gogo.

Looking at their website, it’s plain to see  while Adele is fairly well sold out, there are opportunities for high rollers looking for a break.

On Friday night, there are over 100 seats open in the orchestra, averaging $600 a pop. As the sections go back and get cheaper, there are comparable amounts to be had.

For Saturday night, there are right now around 80 seats available in the orchestra, and plenty in every section going back.

If Caesar’s doesn’t want Adele playing to chunks of empty seats in that front section, my guess is they’ll be giving upgrades. Or at least encouraging people from the back to move up front.

Meanwhile, online, fans are griping about the price of tickets, which on StubHub are going for upwards of $30,000. The pricing is there, but it’s unclear if anyone has anyone has actually gone for it. I doubt it.

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