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The New York Times has given a list of what they think the Oscar nominees should be for 2022. It is Laughing Out Loud ridiculous and elitist. Whatever they’re smoking, I’d like some of it.

Of course, the three hour Japanese film “Drive My Car” is their choice for Best Picture. They chose the unwatchable “Annette” as one of the runners-up. Nowhere to be found is “Belfast,” the one movie that should and could win Best Picture.

(The actual worst thing that could happen this year is for a three and a half hour Oscar show end with “Drive My Car” as the winner. If the Academy doesn’t celebrate Hollywood this year. the whole game will be over. This isn’t the Spirit Awards.)

“Drive My Car” is tied with “Passing” and “The Power of the Dog.” Good luck with that. Jane Campion and Rebecca Hall tied for Best Directors of respectively of those two latter movies. Of the other directors they cited, Steven Spielberg is the only one with a potential Oscar film.

For best actor, The Times has a three way tie among Benedict Cumberbatch, Hidetoshi Nishijima, and Denzel Washington. They include Adam Driver from “Annette” (again, no one in the world wants to see this movie– or did). They exclude Andrew Garfield’s brilliant turn in “Tick Tick Boom.”

Best actress: no Nicole Kidman or Lady Gaga. They tie Kristen Stewart with Tessa Thompson. Are they actually smoking crack? Also, Kirsten Dunst is a supporting actress, not lead. Times people. Your only good choice is Penelope Cruz. But no Jennifer Hudson? Sorry. That won’t work.

The Times critics clearly thought “Belfast” was beneath them. In addition to omitting it from Best Picture and Director, they left out all the actors. So, okay, we get it. But no one in the Academy will. Jamie Dorman, Ciaran Hinds, and Caitriona Balfe are all sure to be nominated along with the film and Kenneth Branagh.

Didn’t the Times critics already pick their so called favorite or best films of the year? That’s fine, those lists are meant to be subjective and out of touch with reality. But if you’re putting Oscars in the headline, get a grip, guys.

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