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Tomorrow– not today– “Spider Man: No Way Home” will hit a big number.

Depending on weather, the 8th Spider Man movie will exceed “Black Panther” at the box office and hit $704 million. It will reach number 4 on the all time box office list.

That will probably be the highest it climbs on the list. The next marker is $760 million with “Avatar.” Another $56 million seems unlikely for “Spider Man” because it would require everyone who saw it three or four times to see it again and again.

This week’s number 1 movie is “Scream,” with a $35 million, 4 day weekend.

The rest of the box office is littered with disappointment, not the least of which is “Matrix: Resurrections” which made just $815,000 over the three day weekend and will die somewhere under $40 million total.

Sony, overall, had a good run this winter with “Spider Man,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Venom,” all three franchise movies. Their forgotten  “A Journal for Jordan,” however,the only non special effects human drama for adults eked out only $6.2 million.

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