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The new “Scream” movie scored $3.5 million on Thursday night in previews. That’s a big number and it points to a huge weekend.

This is the fifth “Scream,” the first since 2011. The other four were all hits even if the last couple of them were weak sequels.

But let’s not forget the story of “Scream.” The first one was in 1996 and was so big that the sequel came the next year, no waiting. The third one was in 2000. And despite the fact that Wes Craven directed them, and Kevin Williamson wrote the first two, it was Bob and Harvey Weinstein who produced them, distributed them, and made them popular.

Indeed, “Scream” — which Bob Weinstein made under the Dimension banner at Miramax — made so much money that Harvey used to joke that was how he got to make his artier Oscar winning films. “Scream” also put Dimension Films on the map, putting the division in a position to create many other hits including four “Scary Movie” installments, the “Spy Kids” films, and even the award winning “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman.

Everyone hates the Weinsteins now, and Harvey’s in prison for 23 years unless he gets out on appeal, which seems unlikely but you never know. Still, history can’t be rewritten. If “Scream 5” turns out to be the monster hit of the weekend. the success reaches back to the halcyon days of Miramax/Dimension and its run of intentionally non Oscar money making hits.

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