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It’s respect for Ronnie Spector.

“Be My Baby” by the Ronettes has risen to number 1 on iTunes after the death of the great singer and pop icon was announced last night.

Plus “Baby I Love You” is number 21 and “Walkin’ in the Rain” is number 50. “Sleigh Ride” is number 84. A later version of “Be My Baby,” recorded just by Ronnie. is number 29. Just beautiful!

“Be My Baby” is perhaps the single greatest piece of pop to come out of the early 1960s. It’s soul, R&B, pop and rock all at the same time. The record features Ronnie Bennett Spector’s remarkable voice soaring through producer Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. In the live performance clips, you can see Ronnie almost levitating, sensing the power of the record and showing her joy at commanding it.

What we didn’t know then was how bad Spector was treating her, how he would rip her off, abuse her, and deny her rights to the songs that she made hits.

But Ronnie triumphed in the end. She was vindicated as her star rose and Phil was revealed as a sociopath and murderer.

Now let’s see more Ronnie Spector singles hit iTunes in her memory including “Baby I Love You.” “Don’t Worry Baby” and her singles with the E Street Band, Southside Johnny, and Eddie Money.

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