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Fox News has done a tremendous favor to “Saturday  Night Live” and Cecily Strong.

The right wing conservative network has added wacko Judge Jeanine Pirro to its 5pm show called “The Five.”

Judge Jeanine, as she calls herself, is a sad replacement for Judge Andrew Napolitano, who used to be the legal analyst for Fox.

On “SNL,” Strong has made a three course meal out of impersonating Pirro in dozens of segments. She’s been Emmy nominated several times and is wildly popular for the gag.

Pirro is easy to mock. At times on her weekend late evening Fox News she has appeared to be more than tipsy. She says outrageous things, and has been a full supporter of Donald Trump. In the process of becoming a celebrity, she’s also become a social pariah in New York.

Pirro will be added to a panel that includes insufferable lout Jesse Watters (who will soon be getting his own insufferable show at 7 pm), Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. Harold Ford Jr., Geraldo Rivera, and Jessica Tarlov will rotate in the “liberal” chair.

“SNL” may now be tempted to start a whole “Five” parody sketch featuring Strong and other players. “The Five” is a place where ideas go to die.

I hope Cecily sends Fox a big bouquet of snakes this weekend!


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