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The Sundance Film Festival has switched from in person to virtual thanks to COVID. So far all the filmmakers who were invited have gone alonjg with the new plan. Except one.

Michel Hazanavicius, who won an Oscar for directing “The Artist,” a Best Picture as well, has pulled out. He was supposed to debut his new film, a Zombie comedy called “Final Cut.” But when Sundance press tickets were made available this morning, “Final Cut” wasn’t in the mix.

The festival says it’s because of the change. Hazanavicius only wants his film shown on big screens in theaters. The weird part of this is, “Final Cut” was included in the festival’s original virtual program. The press had already signed up for it. It’s unclear if he knew that.

I like Michel, and I even learned how to spell and type his last name. But he hasn’t had a follow up of any note to “The Artist” in 12 years. He’s made four films no one has seen and weren’t very good. “The Artist” was a singular work of genius and imagination. But it would be nice for him to get another hit.

So no Hazanavicius. Quel dommage!

Sundance statement below:

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