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Last night’s Golden Globes were…a mess. The awards were Tweeted out, and badly, from the Beverly Hilton ballroom. There was no video. Or stars. Except for Jamie Lee Curtis, who has a lot of explaining to do. (She’ll be getting a Globe next year for that performance.)

The winners were “The Power of the Dog” in drama, and “West Side Story” in musical/comedy. Will the Academy rubber stamp those choices? I doubt it. I really think there’s a case now for “Belfast” to sweep into the Oscars as Best Picture. “Power of the Dog” had a big Netflix push, and director Jane Campion could still pull off Best Director. But the movie? That dog won’t hunt.

“West Side Story” was my choice for Best Picture early on. It’s big and bold, comes from a big studio. has all the elements that make it the opposite of last year’s winner. “Nomadland.” But Disney has not sent out screeners. The movie has been a box office disappointment.  Disney seems to have no consciousness about how to market it or make it seem like something entertaining and important.

Best actor in a drama at the Globes went to Will Smith for “King Richard.” That may have been Will’s peak. Andrew Garfield has the momentum from “Tick Tick Boom” plus he’s finally embraced his “Spider Man” history. If the Oscars can get him to do a film bit playing the piano like Jonathan Larson in his “Spider Man”  suit, he’s in.

Best actress in a drama went to Nicole Kidman for “Being the Ricardos.” The movie is solid, Kidman is beloved and did a great job. She has the momentum for the Oscars. Rachel Zegler won Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy. Her  lovely debut in “West Side Story” is hampered, I  think, by the movie’s current standing.

What about Lady Gaga? “House of Gucci,” like all the other MGM/UAR movies, is a marketing, PR fiasco. The whole thing rests on Gaga, and she’s exhausted all avenues. She carries the movie, but this is no “Star is Born” scenario. Penelope Cruz, if she had a campaign, has momentum from the National Society of Film Critics. Kristen Stewart, I’m afraid, may be done. Jessica Chastain hangs in there on good will.

Director? The Globes went for Jane Campion. Unless there’s some major turnaround, she’ll win the Oscar. This is her year. That’s the one major accomplishment from Netflix. The only upset could be a big wave of enthusiasm for Kenneth Branagh, and “Belfast” making a quick break to the finish line. It was my favorite movie of the year. Jamie Dornan and Ciaran Hinds seem to cancel each other out for Best Supporting Actor, although one of them should win. Unless someone stands up and wants it, Best Supporting Actress will go to Ariana Debose. She’s excellent in the film, and she wants it.

So that’s where we are on January 10th. Of course, the Critics Choice Awards will have some bearing but not much if they occur after Academy voting is over.


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