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“Spider Man” is starting to drain, but not fast. Peter Parker and pals had a boffo $14 million Saturday night and will clear $668 million today.

This means that the webslinger has sunk “Titanic” and moved into number 6 on the all time box office list. Number 5 is not far off, as “Avengers: Infinity War” is only at $678 million. Then comes “Black Panther” at $700 million. We’ll be there by the end of the week if not sooner.

Where is Tom Holland? He must be in some kind of state of nirvana, same for director Jon Watts. How many Bentley convertibles can you drive at once? I’ll bet they’re finding out.

Meantime, “Licorice Pizza” is a dish best served cold. What a mess. United Artists Releasing has stalled out at $8 mil bucks. It’s time to scrape the plates and throw out the boxes. Also UAR’s “House of Gucci” is finished at $50 mil, which is all Lady Gaga. The movie cost $75 million. Add that to the “Respect” disaster. Doesn’t this suggest a problem at UAR?

“The 355” took in just $4.8 million. I’d say please put it on VOD now, Universal. Jessica Chastain’s gang is total fun, the women are great, Sebastian Stan is a solid surprise villain. Let the fans just enjoy it at home.

All the films from Searchlight and A24 are basically gone. “The French Dispatch” made $16 million in the US. Yeesh. And now Wes Anderson, shooting another movie or finishing up by now, is starting yet another one for them, The apple doesn’t fall far from the twee.

Tough season. Tough, tough season.

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