Home Celebrity Congratulations, Everyone, You Wanted a #FreeBritney And This Is What You Get

I can’t reproduce Britney Spears’s Instagram posts. Google has a robot censor which will come running after me.

But this what you get, all you people who wanted a #FreeBritney. You get an exhibitionist who poses naked on the internet, a continuous burlesque act from a 40 year old woman who is mentally unwell.

For years, Britney was quiet because of her conservator. Sure, she was ripped off. But she was prevented from embarrassing herself. Prior to the conservator, Britney was on the front page of every tabloid daily. Why? Because she was out of control, and causing damage to her sons.

Now those sons are teenagers and this isn’t funny. Britney has no education. She has nothing to fall back on. She wasn’t a very good singer. She was a burlesque dancer. And now we’re going to get these kinds of public displays until the sons are old enough to get a restraining order. I think it’s very sad.

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