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Steve Harvey is not a lawyer or a judge, has no law degree, but plays a judge on TV now. On Tuesday night, his “Judge Steve Harvey” acquitted itself well in the ratings: 5 million viewers. It’s a low cost production except for the fact that ABC and the production company pay settlements reached. The “losers” in the various cases are liable for nothing except looking stupid.

Maybe the emphasis is on the wrong word. Think of it more as judge Steve Harvey, lower case ‘j’. He seems to have an endless appetite for TV and his audience follows him everywhere. He says he’s doling out common sense decisions. Let’s just hope the already nit-witted audience that believes Biden lost the election doesn’t apply his theories in a real court of law!

Even with Judge Steve’s success, he and everything on TV Tuesday was beaten by the Dick Wolf CBS “FBI” package. The three shows ruled the night and ruined the comeback of “This is Us,” the three-hankie weeper that has returned for a final season. Jack is still dead, Mandy Moore has Alzheimer’s, and luckily this thing is almost over.

“Judge Steve,” by the way, kicks off a new entirely all-Black night on ABC with “Abbott Elementary,” “Blackish,” and “Queens.” This is a highly unusual step for a major broadcast network. But of course, until now, all other nights have been all-White and no one ever said anything about that. Bravo to them! (Sheryl Lee Ralph is killing it on “Abbott Elementary,” by the way!!


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