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Showbiz is now in disarray thanks to COVID.

The Grammy Awards are postponed indefinitely. The Critics Choice Awards haven’t annonced a new date. The Sundance Film Festival is going on line and telling everyone to stay away from Park City.

In Los Angeles, “Hamilton” is down until at least January 23rd. In New York, on Broadway, shows keep closing and re-opening, actors are in and out, some shows like “Mrs. Doubtfire” are taking long — and I mean long, breaks. Tomorrow, fingers crossed, “The Music Man” returns after many days dark.

Even “Spider Man” is slowing down. Last night’s grosses were off by 25% from Monday, down to just $5.9 million, and down 72% from last Tuesday.

Still scheduled: The Oscars, for March 27th. I’m going, even if I have to wear a hazmat tuxedo made by Ralph Lauren. Whoopi Goldberg can host since she’s just had COVID.

The whole thing stinks, doesn’t it? What we need is a new album by The Weeknd– wait we get one this Friday. And next Friday, Elvis Costello. And “355” in movie theaters this Friday.

And soon, “Ozark” and “Billions” are back.

It’s the little things!



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