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Omicron? It’s like a Blue Meanie. The Beatles are coming!

The Fab Four will release the “Let it Be” rooftop film, drawn from Peter Jackson’s “Get Back” extravaganza,  to IMAX theaters next month.

But first they’ll stage a special screening on January 30th at IMAX with a Peter Jackson Q&A to follow.

That’s the 52nd anniversary of the rooftop concert being performed at 3 Savile Row in London over the Apple Records offices.

A global theatrical engagement of the 60-minute feature, “The Beatles: Get Back–The Rooftop Concert,” will then run February 11-13, 2022.

The bigger news is that the complete docuseries, “The Beatles: Get Back,” will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD in the U.S. on February 8, 2022. That’s what I want!

Now the only thing missing from this “Let it Be” anniversary enterprise is the re-release of the original Michael Lindsay Hogg movie in a proper fashion. And then the “Let it Be” celebrations will be complete.

And then what for the Beatles? Remixed “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul” will be down the line, I suppose. And then we just get to enjoy all this stuff for the rest of our natural lives.


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