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5PM TUESDAY UPDATE: The Globes still have no livestream or broadcast plan. They plan a ceremony at Beverly Hilton at 9pm Eastern time. No celebrities or press. Select members of the HFPA and some miscellaneous people will be invited to have COVID tests and proof of vaccination. They’re trotting out their diveristy guy and will emphasize their charitable giving. As of today, the HFPA doesn’t have an available Form 990 for their 501 c3 for 2020.

EARLIER TODAY You may recall the defrocked Golden Globes. They are supposed to announce winners of their 2022 awards on Sunday.

So far, no one knows what’s happening. I’ve talked to members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and they are clueless.

Is there a live stream on Sunday? Does it come from a specific venue? Will any stars show up?

The answer is: Who knows?

I’m told no invites have gone out to HFPA members. And no announcement has been made.

As you know, the Globes were cancelled by NBC because of their scandals concerning diversity in membership. There are also financial issues.

Over time, the HFPA managed to hire a diversity officer after the first one quit. They added several new members, six of whom are Black. (The HFPA had no Black members.)

The group also retired a few of its older members who didn’t want to go along with changes. They are now listed as “Emeritus.” I’m told this means they are out, basically, and can’t vote.

With their January 9th date with NBC gone, the HFPA was supplanted by the Critics Choice Association. The CCA took the date and booked the CW and TBS Networks and the Fairmont Century City Hotel ballroom.

But the HFPA decided they would proceed with January 9th in some form even with the CCA broadcast now taking their date.  That seemed like a low ball on the part of the HFPA but hey, at this point, what did we expect?

Alas, the CCA had to cancel January 9th because of the rise of COVID cases in Los Angeles. They are not eyeing a date in March.

Now we wait to see what the HFPA will do on Sunday? A livestream? A Zoom show? Facebook Live? Twitter? Or maybe they’ll use aol. Hah!


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