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“Sex and the City” Review: Carrie Flips What Looks Like a $10 Mil Apartment, Buys a Mattress from a Defunct Company


The sixth episode of “Sex and the City…And Just Like That” arrives on HBO Max Thursday after 12 am. It’s kind of slow and a little depressing, although I did laugh a couple of times, albeit ruefully.

The main story concerns Carrie, now widowed, buying what looks like a $10 million apartment in the West Village. They never say the price, but from the size, the views, the windows and height of the ceilings, she didn’t buy this place with the money earned from writing sex columns. She buys it with Mr Big’s money. What isn’t addressed is that Carrie is very rich now, financially independent after earning about 8 bucks a year.

Weird error: Carrie tells her pals she bought a new bed from 1-800-Mattress. It’s not possible. 1-800 Mattress– leave off the last s for savings — was sold to KKR Investments, which turned it into MattressFirm about five years ago. This is a dated reference, like a lot of others in this series.

Meantime, Miranda’s lesbian sex scene from last week is recalled graphically, this time to Charlotte, who is appropriately horrified. But Carrie gets off a good line sitting at a picnic table, so the whole thing was worth it.

Carrie also attends some kind of celebration with her Indian realtor, played by Sarita Choudhury, who really needs her own show. She is a superstar in her own right. Sarita’s mother is played by a real superstar, Madhur Jaffrey, who should have had a special credit. (Oh well. Carrie’s dress at the Diwali celebration may not go down well, especially her hair style, but I’ll leave that to others.)

“And Just like That” has ground to something of a halt since there’s no Samantha, meaning no sense of humor, and no fun. Last week, Carrie had hip surgery. This week, she investigates a face lift. Next week it will be liver pills. She’s 55 and acts like she’s 75.

There are many weird things about this series. Among them: Carrie has no interest whatsoever in her friends’ kids. The kids have no interest in her or the respective other women. Miranda’s son is supposed to be 17, looks 25 (is 27 in real life) and talks so disrespectfully to her someone needs to slap him fast. He also bears zero resemblance to his father, who has disappeared (but I’m sure will get an earful soon). Also, I’ve never understood how none of these people have any family whatsoever. Are they all orphans?

“And Just Like That” is a Grimm fairy tale. PS They mention Samantha again, I don’t know to what purpose.

Maybe this just isn’t a series for me. I’d really like Carrie and co. to run into Siobhan Roy at some fundraiser, and let the latter make mincemeat of all of them. Now THAT’s a crossover!

PS The big winner this season is Todd Rundgren. HBO used “Hello It’s Me” in the first two episodes, and this week they scored it in the background when Carrie was thinking about Big. I hope Todd got a nice piece of change from this clearance!

Sex and the City: And Just Like That the Theme Music from the TV Series is Gone, Did Anyone Notice?

Roger Friedman
Roger Friedman
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