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People went to the movies last night, on New Year’s Eve. At least, they went to one movie.

“Spider Man: No Way Home” raked in another $15 million, and heads to a total of $600 million by Sunday night. The party is slowing down, of course, because at this point anyone who wanted to see the three Peter Parkers has seen it. But there will be a push toward $700 million. We’ll see how far that gets.

In the process of scaling box office heights, “No Way Home” made 15 times as much as “Matrix:Resurrections” last night. “Matrix 4” aka stands at $28 million. They will crack $30 million this weekend, but Warner’s has lost millions here even with HBO Max showings. “Matrix 5” will be performed in wheelchairs and walkers, a la the old lady dance number in “The Producers.”

Welcome to 2022. We are days away from seeing “355,” and “Ocean’s” type movie Jessica Chastain has put together. Reviewers see it at the last minute before its release. I’m sure it’s fun. And that’s all it has to be.

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