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and just like that…Mariah Carey is gone from the charts…

Back on November 3rd, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” appeared at number 25 on the iTunes charts. Carey hadn’t been on the top 100 all year, since Christmas 2020.

The annual Christmas cash in began. And now, on January 1st, it’s over. “All I Want” is gone from the charts. It reached number 1 around Christmas but, like other novelty holiday songs, it’s vanished into thin air. The Carey Christmas cash in is over.

It was mighty prescient of Mariah’s writer, Walter Afanasieff, to fashion a song for her that sounded like it was right off Phil Spector’s Christmas album. If you didn’t know it was Mariah singing you’d think it was Darlene Love or Ronnie Spector circa 1961. The production is very similar. Afanasieff did a good job.

Carey doesn’t sell records anymore. She’s in the same boat as a lot of legacy artists who release new music to deaf ears. This winter, Diana Ross, Alicia Keys and Rod Stewart were among those with that situation. So having “All I Want” is all gravy, a terrific annuity. And once the holiday season is over, so is the song.

Til next November then…

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