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Sales of popular music came to an end last night for the week with a twist: Adele’s “30” album fell 49% after Christmas to 100K. Total sales are around 1.6 million in the US.

Takeaway: everyone who wanted a copy of “30” now has one. Supply and demand have met each other.

Sales dropped precipitously in the post-Christmas blahs, what with COVID and the Cron stalking us. Adele’s “30” was the only album to sell 100,000 copies. The number 50 album, according to hitsdailydouble, was Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia,” with 17,224 copies.

So now what? We’d better get some surprise releases because there’s nothing too exciting coming up in the next 90 days. I can tell you that Elvis Costello’s “The Boy Named If” is a five star recording equal to the best material in Costello’s 40 plus year career. It’s coming from Capitol, not Concord– the Capitol Universal people obviously heard it and went crazy.

Otherwise, it’s time for a Beyonce album to jolt the marketplace. And Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band album is out there somewhere.

And the Grammys? I think we’ll know what’s going on by next week.

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