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John Lennon’s eldest son, Julian, a successful musician and artist, says on social media that he has COVID. Instead of heeding the advice of doctors, however, Lennon says he’s using ivermectin as a cure. This is despite FDA warnings not to take the drug commonly used for horses.

Julian writes on Instagram: “The Beginning of the End…. Hopefully 🙏🏻 (I decided this course of healing, after consultation with DRs outside of the US, where treatment, administered correctly, helped greatly & swiftly with recovery… Each to their own, but insulting my intelligence because of MY choices, well, there’s not enough medication in the World for that).”

Julian’s younger half brother, Sean Ono Lennon, responded  quickly on the same Instagram thread. He wrote: “People saying Ivermectin is for horses here have never looked into this at all. It is not ‘for horses.’ Especially not the ivermectin humans take. In fact it is ‘for humans.’ And the one for horses is ‘for horses.’”

Julian had previously written, on December 30th around 3am New York time: “Omicron finally got me. Happy Holidaze they are not 😢Stay Safe out there! ”

Lennon is thought not to be in the United States even though he lives in Los Angeles and also the south of France. In February 2020 there were reports that he had a cancerous growth removed from the top of his head.

I always thought of Julian as incredibly sensible so this ivermectin news is a little alarming.The Food and Drug Administration is quite clear warning people not to use this drug in the treatment of COVID. No one is trying to insult Julian’s intelligence. But everyone hopes he doesn’t cause harm to himself in the use of ivermectin. Even though the drug has been roundly criticized by the CDC and health professionals, some people have sought it out after taking the advice of right wing pundits and unqualified influencers. Those include people Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and conservative radio host Joe Rogan, each of whom is a total nutcase and not to be taken seriously about anything but football and beer.

Let’s hope Julian, who had a hit song called “Too Late for Goodbyes,” gets proper medical care immediately.




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