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Episode 5 of “Sex and the City And Just Like That” appeared in my email as a press link the other day from HBO. But when I clicked on it out of curiosity, it didn’t work. No one from HBO responded. Now i know why.

Episode 5 is called “Tragically Hip” and a lot happens in it. Miranda’s drinking and her attraction to Che (Sara Ramirez) is explored quite thoroughly. It may be a little too thoroughly for some. And just like that, we will all have to grow up.

Carrie has a hip operation after talking like and acting like “an old lady” at 55. That’s the scariest part of the episode. Also, the fact that she returns to a brownstone with a huge front staircase and more stairs inside seems impractical for someone with her financial resources. (Also, no mention of Mr. Big, the reason she is now rich. So much for that.)

Charlotte has the most interesting story. Her 12 year old biological daughter (they haven’t addressed that part yet) is fluid. They have changed their name to Rock from Rose. The story is being handled with sensitivity (I think, I hope). Evan Handler and Kristin Davis could get a ‘This is Us’ type spin off out of this.

And then there’s the return of Samantha Jones, sort of. Carrie mentions her in her podcast, Charlotte says she’d better warn her in London. So Carrie texts Samantha, who instantly responds with “Miss you.” For the first time in five episodes, the old theme music plays. Will there be a Kim Cattrall rapprochement before these 10 grueling episodes come to an end?

“And Just Like That” is certainly a show-by-show “woke” extravaganza. Nothing happens that isn’t on-the-nose about sex, gender, or race. Carrie wakes up to quite a scene in her apartment between Miranda and Che, and kind of loses it. I can see why. The fantasy is over.

PS Cynthia Nixon gets a great speech, and really gets to act. So that was worth it. (But once the character of Steve has to get all this news, he’ll be glad he has hearing issues. Sorry, my bad. I needed a joke somewhere!)

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