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Sunday TV ratings, it was all about football. Huge numbers all day. In the afternoon CBS got up over 24 million viewers, which led into “60 Minutes” having 9.3 million. Lesley Stahl‘s wine report got two segments, I hope everyone raised a glass!

“Yellowstone” is the story. Another 8 million-plus tuned into Kevin Costner‘s horse opera Sunday night on the Paramount channel. “Yellowstone” and its spin off, “1883,” with another 4.5 million, score higher than most network shows on weeknights. So giddy-up! If CBS shows the reruns this summer, they’ll have good numbers without expenses.

Over on HBO, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” finished the season with 450,000 viewers, about the average for the 11th season. The final episode was sheer genius, an Emmy magnet for sure. Tracey Ullman gets all praise for her supporting role, or guest role. It was nice to see Cheryl Hines but it’s hard to imagine her real world home life. The ending plot line– with the shoes, the Holocaust museum, and Larry ending up in the pool deserves Writers Guild awards.

Issa Rae wrapped up her “Insecure” series after 5 seasons, ending with 300K viewers. I really think she’s an enormous talent. I will miss her show and hope she has another one soon. The series had a happy ending, which these days is rare and was welcomed.

The HBO shows have loyal fans that’s for sure!

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