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The Emmy for Guest Appearance in a comedy goes to… Alexander Vindman. The Trump whistleblower in real life made his acting debut in the season finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and walked away with the episode.

In the show, Vindman is having a book party at the LA Holocaust Museum. Larry agrees to host a reception at his home. Many of the season’s plot lines are played out there including Vindman overhearing Larry on the phone and announcing he’s going to transcribe it and send it to the head of the Santa Monica City Council. In real life, Vindman’s testimony about Trump’s phone call to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was incendiary and helped unravel Trump’s criminal presidency.

Vindman — “call me colonel” — gets the last laugh when he snatches Leon’s date, Mary Ferguson (a long story) — for a romantic liaison on a flight to Asia.

The episode was typical Larry David genius, with Tracey Ullman actually probably snaring an Emmy for her work, and the writers pulling off a signature “Curb’/”Seinfeld” type sequence of unlikely connected calamities including Larry stealing a pair of shoes from an exhibit in the Holocaust museum.

Vindman was forced to retire from the Army after outing Trump in front of Congress. But now he has a new, unexpected career. The whole season 21 of “Curb” on HBO for viewing pleasure.

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