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It’s no fun at “The Music Man” tonight, at least back stage.

Seven cast members are still out sick after the musical paused for a day and a half to accomodate COVID outbreaks.

Star Sutton Foster didn’t make Sunday night’s show, replaced by her understudy Kathy Voytko. Six other actors are also out, all replaced by mighty understudies and swings who are filling in.

But audiences will be happy because Hugh Jackman is on stage and playing Harold Hill.

Things are not so good over at “Company.” They were also supposed to return tonight but couldn’t. “Company” has been dark since before Christmas. Sources told us the opening party ten days ago has become a super spreader. Last week, “food poisoning” was said to stop the show, but it’s obviously more than that. And since the musical’s show stopper is “Ladies Who Lunch,” food poisoning isn’t the best story to make up.

Broadway will survive COVID, but it may take a month of closures and pauses before all is right again.

Get well, everyone! Get vaxxed!

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