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Whatever you do, don’t say Patti Lupone has COVID. She has the runs. That’s right. stomach virus, diarrhea, or as she calls it, the “rotavirus.”

In a scathing social media post this evening, Lupone, star of “Company” on Broadway, explains why the show has been in so much distress lately. They’ve canceled a number of performances.

Lupone writes that two other actors also got the stomach virus. She says of her own case: “My toilet can confirm this.”

Meantime, the virus has spread to the crew and “We currently cannot field a crew of stagehands to run the show safely.”

Here’s her post:

I’m sure people will think Patti is full of you know what, but no one posts a statement like this if it’s not true. Just everyone get better at “Company,” Patti included, “Company” is a gem and audiences love it and her!

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